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Slave Ship - Barco de Esclavos

Embark on the treacherous journey of a young girl adrift in a world of conflict.

Available now (in English and Spanish), only on Google Play!


Asana looking out at the ocean Asana, a young West African girl, gets kidnapped from her village and sold to slave traders. Now, she must adapt to her dangerous situation aboard a treacherous slave ship.

Slave Ship is a new text-adventure from Imeware for Android systems that examines life aboard a slave ship through the eyes of a small child.

Who will Asana side with? Will she be able to unite the bickering slaves and help stage a rebellion for their liberty or will their conflicts result in them being sold off as property? In a world where people viewed themselves more as members of their disparate nations rather than as a collective people in need, nobody can be trusted.

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